Service Dept.

Our experience and qualifications

Here at Seastyle Diving we are able to service almost any make of regulator or BCD. All equipment is serviced in house with the exception of cylinder testing which is outsourced.

Our main technician has over 40 years experience, and trained/authorised by the appropriate manufacturers to carry out service and repairs to your valuable equipment. Regardless of the condition of the equipment every set of regulators is completely stripped down and cleaned in a sonic bath. Parts are then inspected and damaged parts replaced as required. All service parts/kits are supplied direct from the manufacturers.All parts that are replaced are sent back to you as proof of replacement. After carefully re-assembling, all equipment is properly set and adjusted using the appropriate equipment.

Regulator Efficiency

All regulators need regular servicing to make sure they perform at optimum performance ensuring you are getting as good a breathe as possible. All manufacturers recommend annual servicing regardless of the amount of usage.
The performance of your regulators will gradually decrease over time and will often be so gradual as it cannot be noticed. However it is important that they are serviced to ensure their efficiency and your safety. This is particularly true after an overseas trip where it is possible that debris from the tank may cause blockages in the valves. Regulators should be serviced every twelve months, to keep them working at optimum performance levels.

Traveling Overseas?

All of our servicing work is guaranteed. We recommend that you have your equipment serviced well before that important dive trip or holiday and try it out prior to travel. Regulators in particular can settle and may require a final adjustment to achieve optimum performance.

Most repair/servicing work is usually completed within 7-14 days however a charge for any fast track emergency service is also available on request.

Certificates will be supplied following Cylinder Visual & Hydrostatic Inspections and Non Destructive Aluminum testing along with IDEST cylinder stamping.

Servicing of the following items available:-


Complete Regulator Service

Regulator 1st Stage

Regulator Primary 2nd stage

Regulator Alternate Air/Buddy Auto Air/Scubapro Air2

Oxygen clean available.


BC Inflator BCD’s (Single bladder)

BC Inflator BCD’s (Double bladder)

Regulator Alternate Air/Buddy Auto Air/Scubapro Air2

Buddy Auto Air / Scubapro Air-2 in addition to BCD service.


Wetsuits repairs on request


Suunto Computer Battery Change

Uwatec Computer Battery Change

Watch Battery

Pressure Test

Citizen Watches


Hydrostatic inspection ( Includes mandatory valve service)

Visual inspection ( Includes mandatory valve service)

Aluminum (Non Destructive Test)

Internal Shot Blast

External Shot Blast

Pressure test

Zinc Coat

Paint (1 colour) 

Paint with Black and White Quarter (on request)

Oxygen clean Cylinder and Valve

Twin Set


Dry Suit Zip Replacement

Dry Suit Valve fitting + parts

Dry Suit Valve service

Cuff Replacement (inc. latex seals)

Neck Replacement (inc. latex seals)

Neoprene Dry Suit repairs - neck seal, wrist seals

Hole Patch / Patch Valve Hole